project: 0055_ABG_202208_NovelPhototrophy
description: Globally distributed Myxococcota with photosynthesis gene clusters illuminate the origin and evolution of a potentially chimeric lifestyle
genomes: download (NCBI PRJNA943119; eLMSG LMSG_G000011443-LMSG_G000011452,
metadata: download (N.A.)
released: 2023-10-13

project: 0051_AB_202208_MethanogenCellLine
description: Isolation of a Novel Thermophilic Methanogen and the Evolutionary History of the Class Methanobacteria
genomes: download (eLMSG MSG083741,
metadata: download (N.A.)
released: 2022-10-16

project: 0029_ABGBG_201803_EvolutionMCR
description: A methylotrophic origin of methanogenesis and early divergence of anaerobic multi-carbon alkane metabolism
genomes: download (eLMSG LMSG_G000001525-LMSG_G000001550,
metadata: download (N.A.)
released: 2021-07-02

project: 0025_ABG_201701_NovelMcrA
description: Expanding anaerobic alkane metabolism in the domain of Archaea
genomes: download (NCBI PRJNA475886)
metadata: download (N.A.)
released: 2019-03-04

project: 0023_ABG_201612_GuaymasMethane
description: Diverse anaerobic methane‐ and multi‐carbon alkane‐metabolizing archaea coexist and show activity in Guaymas Basin hydrothermal sediment
genomes: download (NCBI PRJNA418890)
metadata: download (N.A.)
released: 2019-02-20